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Tips for Starting a Successful WordPress Blog: How to Make Kingly Content

You’ve probably read tons of tips and tricks on how to start a successful WordPress blog, but none as crucial as creating outstanding content.

As a neophyte of the blogging world, the best way to start is to concentrate on a certain niche. This will make it easier for you to be tracked by Google, and to establish web traffic as well as a solid reader base.

Another primary goal of successful blogging is coming up with new blog posts on a regular schedule. Choose certain days of the week when you plan to publish your posts, and maintain consistency. It can be every Monday and Thursday, every Wednesday, or once every weekend – it doesn’t matter as long as you have something for your readers when they’re expecting it.

However, before you begin creating content, spend time brainstorming a list of potential subjects for your posts. Since it’s crucial to release content on schedule, having a list of topics to write about will help you stick to your schedule.

In any case, there are three key steps you have to take to write successful and professional posts:

1. Organize your thoughts and create an outline.

This is always the first and often most important step when creating any written piece, such as a blog post. Gather your thoughts and decide what points you want to cover, and then create an outline of your post. Always include an introduction so the reader will know what your post is about from the get go. After the introduction, you can refer to your outline and start writing the body, and make sure to end with a conclusion.

2. Establish a unique voice.

“Voice” is the prevailing organizational pattern that can be observed from your writing. You have to create a unique voice, depending on the niche you have decided to focus on. For instance, if you’re blogging about education, your voice should likely be formal. If your subject is motherhood, they you can be more relaxed, casual and warm.

You can use humor, loads of authority site jargon, write first or third person – this is all up to you, but make sure it suits your niche. And this is that other part of blogging that demands consistency. If you’re not consistent with your “voice,” then you don’t really have a voice at all, which is suicide for a blog.

3. Edit!

This is a must for all kinds of blogs. Nothing tears your blog apart faster than typos and grammatical errors. Never be too complacent. You have to spend time reading and rereading your post a number times just for its own sake, before publishing it. And definitely, it helps to let a friend run through it at least once. A fresh pair of eyes can see mistakes that tired ones can’t.

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