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Before Buying an Apartment you have to know a few things

Posted by: | Posted on: November 27, 2018

If you are interested in buying an apartment as one of your choices, you should listen to some tips and advice before you buy an apartment. Here are tips and advice that you can consider before buying an apartment.

Choose a safe and comfortable apartment residence
Of course you want to have a safe place to live, let alone be disturbed by noise.
Consider the influence of these things on the safety of your family, especially your children.

Determine the Area or Region of the Apartment You Will Buy
Do a survey in advance about the situation and condition of the area.
Is the place safe (not prone to theft)? How about easy and close access to vehicles or public transportation? Are these locations prone to flooding? How is access to the toll road and especially to your workplace?
In addition, you can also ask some of the residents of the apartment regarding the existence of the apartment and also the comfort and order of the apartment occupants. Create data for each apartment that is your target.
Visit as many apartments as possible according to the criteria you noted earlier.

Learn the Developer’s Reputation and Building Certificates
Study the history or reputation of the developer who  sell apartment building. If you buy an apartment, you are 100% dependent on the developer. Many cases of apartment buildings left abandoned due to developer problems. Asking About Apartment Prices If you are dealing with a developer, do not be shy to ask about the prices and facilities obtained as apartment residents. Besides, hearing every suggestion and information from the developer (developer), it’s good that you don’t swallow any of that information without comparing the judgment of the other party

Observe Security Facilities
Observe every security facility provided by the apartment.
Is the security guard’s post and every employee carrying out the task responsibly? Have there been several robbery or theft cases in the last few months or years with a high enough intensity? Are CCTV cameras available and functioning very well? Check carefully on each of these things and make sure that everything is there and functioning as it should.

Re-Check Each Facility
After you narrow down your choice of 2 to 3 apartments that you will be looking for, double-check every facility that is offered to the residents of the apartment.
For example, check supermarkets, access public transportation, parking lots, the nearest hospital, school, distance to your workplace, gym facilities or fitness room and so on.
Look for the type of apartment that suits your needs, not your wants. Don’t just because considering prestige results in your finances becoming unhealthy.

Note Apartment Cost Information
Don’t miss out on some important information about apartment building for sale, such as building maintenance costs, security and cleaning costs, water and electricity costs, city taxes, property taxes, and several other general aspects. Most people don’t think about and miss any information that should know carefully.
You need to find out whether every maintenance fee is included in your bill, including the cost of renting your car park. Not many know if it turns out that there are some additional costs beyond the bills that you should pay.