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5 Delicious Dining Room Decor Ideas To Make You Feel Like You’re Eating in Your Favorite Restaurants

Posted by: | Posted on: January 23, 2021

If there’s one thing we’ve consistently missed during the pandemic (besides a general sense of normalcy), it’s eating at restaurants. Sure, we can tap DoorDash and Postmates to deliver our favorite dishes every night of the week if we want to. But it’s not remotely the same as sitting down to a meal with the sound of wineglasses clinking and the ambiance of a dimly lit restaurant

And it seems the design world is reflecting our wistfulness for days of restaurant yore—at least, that’s what we discovered when we scrolled through Instagram this week (as we always do), in search of the top trending dining room designs. The most popular dining room posts this week all had one thing in common: They look like Michelin-starred restaurants. Really!

So rather than spend one more minute mourning the days of date nights and table service, we’re taking the opportunity this week to bring the restaurant to you, dear readers. Read on for how to get the same vibes in your own dining room, and then go ahead and order your favorite takeout—we’ll handle the rest.

1. Fuzzy throw blankets

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A post shared by Rebekah (@little_york_house)

Your dining room won’t ever feel like a restaurant until you start incorporating some cozy details, like these luxe furry throw blankets featured by @little_york_house.

“Adding a sheepskin throw to a chair or dining bench gives the benefit of extra cushion and warmth while also adding a touch of luxury and style to your dining experience,” says Natasha Nicolaou of NatNico Designs.

“At a time when many people are missing the restaurant experience, simple things like adding brightly colored throws to a dining table can change the whole look and feel of the room and make dinner feel a little more special,” says Nicolaou.

Get the look: Upgrade your mealtimes with this Safavieh golden faux fur throw from Kohl’s.

2. Large bistro table

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A post shared by KICK COLLECTION (@kickcollection.nl)

We can’t help but miss the days of sitting around a bistro table like this one featured by @kickcollection.nl.

“A round table in a dining room is perfect, because everyone has equal seating,” says Doreen Amico-Sorell of Sorell Interiors. “This makes for the best configuration for both conversation and everyone being able  to reach for plates in the center.”

Get the look: Enjoy your future family dinners and at-home dates around this show-stopping gold and white round dining table from The Home Depot.


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3. Plush armchairs

Who says dining chairs have to be the rigid ones in Grandma’s house? Certainly not @willandbequeath, whose space makes us wish they’d open a restaurant of their own.

“Plush dining chairs are a perfect way to add texture, color, and comfort to a dining room,” says Nicolaou. “Settling into beautifully upholstered and comfortable dining chairs feels special, and encourages everyone to spend time enjoying their evening around the dining table.”

Get the look: Cherish mealtimes at home like you would at a restaurant with these Broseley tufted upholstered dining chairs from Wayfair.

4. Gilded mirror

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A post shared by LM Design Studio (@lmdesignstudio.no)

One of our favorite ways to upgrade a dining space to look more Michelin star-chic is with a gilded mirror, like this one from @fleurdelesalle.

“A large, gilded mirror is a game changer for any dining room,” says Nicolaou. “Like adding a crown to a regular outfit, a large, gilded mirror instantly gives your room a touch of ornate style and grandeur, while also adding space and depth.”

Get the look: Make a grand statement in your dining room with this ornate filigree mirror.

5. Mix-and-match dining set

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A post shared by HowWeLive (@howwelive_official)

If you’re looking for an easy way to get that restaurant vibe—and a design you can achieve on even the smallest budget—look no further than this mix-and-match dining set from @merimeri.dk.

“When done right, this trend really gives a designer feel to a dining room,” says Nicolaou. “In a small cottage kitchen try mixing different styles of thrifted wooden chairs or painting a matching set in different colors. In a more formal dining room try mixing wing chairs with a different style of matching benches, or buy a set of velvet chairs in two or three colors. Don’t be afraid to try lots of different combinations.”

Get the look: Pair these Pfister upholstered dining chairs from Wayfair with a few Roudebush wood dining chairs to get that effortless mix-and-match style.

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