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January, 2021

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Posted by: | Posted on: January 30, 2021

Staying Home for the Super Bowl? 9 Items To Give Your Place a Sports Bar Vibe on Game Day

Truth: Some folks were just fine with the fact that Thanksgiving and other holidays had to be scaled back last year due to the coronavirus. Frankly, less exposure to Aunt Martha meant you could avoid her gloppy casserole and prying questions about your love life.

But we’ll admit that watching the Super Bowl at home—when you’d rather be at your favorite sports bar tossing down hot wings and yelling at the screen—is just a wee bit depressing.

Alas, we still shouldn’t gather indoors as the pandemic hangs on. But the game (and the halftime show!) must go on—and there’s no reason we shouldn’t enjoy it in style. So why not transform your den into your own mini sports arena? For some help, here’s what the pros would include for maximum fun on game day.

1. TV trays

Tuck this slender piece along your couch end when the game is
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Posted by: | Posted on: January 30, 2021

This Time Capsule Home in Queens Has Been Royally Popular With Buyers

This split-level home on 53rd Avenue in the Bayside area of Queens, NY, has only had one owner since it was built in 1953. Now pending sale after intense interest, it’s a throwback to a different era.

The home, which landed on the market in mid-January for $1,098,888, is a colorful, well-preserved time capsule in an area in the midst of housing flux.

“If you drive around this area now, you’ll actually see a lot of newer-construction houses. It’s getting more rare to see a house in this type of condition,” says the listing agent, Timothy Ho. “When I walked into this house, it’s definitely a flashback from the past, but it has been kept in meticulous shape. Everything is in really mint condition, just back from the ’50s to the ’70s.”

Green is the dominant color throughout the interior spaces of the residence—as seen in the pea-green shade

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Posted by: | Posted on: January 29, 2021

10 Palm Beach Decor Fails That Give Florida a Bad Name

Wishing you could escape to a sandy beach right now? While that may be hard to do, you might be tempted to bring the beach to you by embracing a popular home design style known as Palm Beach decor.

Palm Beach style first became all the rage thanks to Lilly Pulitzer, a socialite in Palm Beach, FL, who opened a store full of colorful dresses in the 1960s. Her designs soon ballooned into a huge lifestyle brand, complete with home furnishings—all characterized by wild patterns filled with coral, starfish, seashells, and other tropical motifs.

And, given celebrities and politicians galore seem to be moving en masse to Florida right now (think Donald Trump, his daughter Ivanka, Tom Brady, and others), the Palm Beach craze may only gain steam.

Don’t get me wrong—I long for the beach right about now, along with everyone else. Still, while a

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Posted by: | Posted on: January 29, 2021

Mortgage Rates Dip—Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Bet on Interest Rates Going Much Lower

Mortgage rates dipped slightly over the past week, as investors sought a safe haven amid volatile markets and concerns about the economy. But the era of persistently falling rates has likely passed, which is bad news for home buyers.

The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage averaged 2.73{958332a113a875881d4fed51f1db18f91d9a353be0048e325b6dcc85c869a233} for the week ending Jan. 28, down four basis points from the week prior, Freddie Mac reported this week.

The 15-year fixed-rate mortgage fell one basis point to an average of 2.2{958332a113a875881d4fed51f1db18f91d9a353be0048e325b6dcc85c869a233}, while the 5-year Treasury-indexed hybrid adjustable-rate mortgage held steady at 2.8{958332a113a875881d4fed51f1db18f91d9a353be0048e325b6dcc85c869a233}.

The slight decrease in rates was a testament to investor activity, according to Realtor.com senior economist George Ratiu.

“With COVID cases still elevated amid the vaccine rollouts, investors remained worried about high unemployment claims, volatile earnings and lingering concerns about the economic outlook from the Federal Reserve,” he said. “The mood kept them funneling funds into mortgage bonds.”

Despite the decline,

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Posted by: | Posted on: January 28, 2021

Home Buyers in These Cities Could Save These Down Payments-by Moving In With Their Parents

When COVID-19 shuttered offices across the U.S.—forcing legions of white-collar workers to go remote—many took a hard look at their living situations. Why were they spending so much money to spend 24 hours a day in their itty, bitty, high-priced apartments? As a result, some young professionals decided to trade in their pricey apartments to move back in with good ol’ Mom and Dad and accelerate their savings.

While the prospect of moving back in with the ‘rents may be shudder-inducing to many, for others it’s a dream of home-cooked meals and freshly folded laundry. Plus, folks who have retained their jobs save some significant money that could help them to eventually become homeowners.

When life gives you lemons, save up for a down payment on a home?

“The pandemic changed how we think about being a young adult and moving back in with your family. It’s not just a

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Posted by: | Posted on: January 28, 2021

This Is the Best Time of Year to Get a Mortgage

If you’re playing the waiting game with mortgage rates, you may not want to wait much longer.

new study from Haus, the home-finance startup created by Uber co-founder Garrett Camp, examined what role seasonality, loan size, credit scores and other factors play in the mortgage rates that lenders offer borrowers.

The study found that much like the housing market itself the mortgage market ebbs and flows with the seasons. And January, as it turns out, is the best time of year to get a new home loan on average.

In January, lenders offer a discount of nearly 20 basis points compared to the time period between June and October when rates are typically the highest for the year. The cooler weather, in general, brings out lower mortgage rates, with December and February being the next-cheapest months based on the Haus study.

“While we can’t say for exact certainty

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