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November, 2020

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Posted by: | Posted on: November 30, 2020

What Is Laundry Stripping? A Mesmerizing Way To Deep-Clean Clothes

Sure, you wash your dirty clothes, but have you tried the hot new “quarancleaning” trend of laundry stripping?

Laundry-stripping video tutorials have taken off on TikTok and other social media outlets, and for good reason. The videos start by showing a bathtub full of crystal-clear water, to which is added a load of supposedly clean laundry and a few magic ingredients. After a few time-lapsed hours go by, the water is a dingy gray-brown and the clothes are, presumably, really clean.

If you’re wondering how to strip laundry and whether it’s safe, you’re not alone. Here’s what you need to know about this viral cleaning trend and how to pull it off at home.

What is laundry stripping?

Laundry stripping is essentially a deep-cleaning process that rids your clothing and linens of all the nasty gunk, body oil, dirt, fabric softener, and other residue that may not be removed by

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Posted by: | Posted on: November 28, 2020

Nearly Half of Americans Are Considering a Move During the Pandemic, but Why?

With the coronavirus pandemic likely to stretch into next year, many people are spending more time than ever before in their homes—but some are ready to find a new place altogether. Cue the U-Haul trucks.

Nearly half of Americans, 46%, are considering moving within the next year, according to a recent LendingTree survey. The online financial services marketplace based the report on a survey of more than 2,000 participants in September. But certain groups of people are much more likely to consider relocating than others—and they have some pretty compelling reasons for doing so.

“A lot of the reasons people are thinking about moving are related to the pandemic and the recession,” says LendingTree Chief Economist Tendayi Kapfidze. “A lot of people are concerned about their living expenses. We have a lot of people who are behind on their rent and behind on their mortgage.

“A lot of

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Posted by: | Posted on: November 28, 2020

‘Home Alone’ Turns 30-How Has That House Held Up?

With the holidays in full swing but COVID-19 keeping many of us at home, it’s a prime opportunity to binge-watch some holiday movies—and one must-watch is “Home Alone,” which turns 30 years old this year.

This classic John Hughes film from 1990 stars a young Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister, a precocious 8-year-old accidentally abandoned by his large, chaotic family when they jet off to Paris. Two burglars decide to break in, but Kevin exerts all his ingenuity to create an array of booby traps throughout the house that foil their efforts.

While this movie made Culkin a star, the red-brick Colonial his character protects is an unforgettable backdrop. And whether it’s due to the film’s 30th anniversary, holiday nostalgia or just pandemic-induced boredom, creative homages to the movie have been popping up online and on social media.

One fan, Los Angeles-based Loren Baker, worked with foundation construction

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Posted by: | Posted on: November 27, 2020

10 COVID-19 Christmas Tree Ornaments To Top Off This Ridiculous Year

Combine Christmas with the coronavirus and what do you get? An array of hilarious COVID-themed ornaments for your holiday tree!

Because let’s face it: As we hunker down this holiday season and brace for a second (or third) wave of infections, we could all stand for a little laughter right now. And a holiday ornament shaped like toilet paper is sure to get a chuckle or two—and, years later, will spark memories of just how weird a ride 2020 truly was.

So if you’re craving some timely additions to your holiday decor this year, consider some of these coronavirus-themed Christmas tree ornaments and decorations below.

1. Masked Santa

St. Nick knows how to cover up right.


Of course the light-blue surgical face mask is the epitome of 2020 gloom and doom, which means Santa, his many elves, and all those fuzzy brown reindeer will be seen with masks of

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Posted by: | Posted on: November 26, 2020

8 Creative Places To Store Cookbooks Other Than Your Kitchen Counter

The holidays and coronavirus have many of us cooking more than ever, but kitchen fatigue can easily settle in. Need some inspiration for tackling a new dish, from ratatouille to creme brulee? It might be time to crack open those cookbooks.

Even in this digital age where recipes run amok online, nothing beats those glossy pages of a physical tome filled with gorgeous dishes. This may explain why most homeowners have a bunch of cookbooks—and often wonder where to put them.

Leaving nice books out in the same place where you fry up the morning’s bacon is a recipe for nastiness.

“Cookbooks on the counter can get pretty gross, so if you don’t have a shelf for them, try and dedicate an out-of-the way space to keep them clean,” says Karen Gray-Plaisted of Design Solutions KGP.

The key is to find a place that’s out of the way (and

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Posted by: | Posted on: November 25, 2020

8 Fun Ways To Fill a Blank Wall (Other Than With Snoozy Pictures and Mirrors)

Few decorating challenges are as hard as filling blank wall space. Many default to family photos or souvenir pictures from recent travel. But after a while, staring at wedding portraits or the kids when they were little isn’t that inspiring.

Break out of this rut! Plan a wall gallery in at least one room that’s different from all the rest.

Darla DeMorrow, author of “Organizing Your Home With SORT and SUCCEED,” urges her clients to look beyond straight, flat items and go for depth and meaning.

“Make the focal point something that’s three-dimensional or vintage or personal—or all three,” she suggests.

In fact, if you can hang it up, you can make a wall display that’s creative, colorful, or just plain fun.

For some inspiration, here are eight things you can mount and admire in your home that go beyond pictures and mirrors.

1. Greenery

Photo by Houzz


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