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The Property Brothers Reveal One Popular Renovation You Might Regret

Posted by: | Posted on: May 15, 2020

Drew and Jonathan Scott have helped a ton of clients open up their floor plans. But in the latest episode of their HGTV show “Property Brothers: Forever Home,” they see why this popular renovation isn’t for everyone—and why it may be one that some homeowners regret!

In the episode titled “New Hub of the Neighborhood,” homeowners Mark and Colette want a stylish and functional space for their growing family. With three kids keeping the couple busy, their Toronto home has fallen into disrepair, with outdated features and even a hole in the floor of the master bedroom.

Read on to find out how the Scotts bring style to this house, and learn some great take-home tips you can use in your own abode.

Not everyone wants an open floor plan

Open concepts have been all the rage in recent years. It seems as though Jonathan and Drew are always busting down walls in old homes in the interests of clear sight lines.

However, while Colette and Mark like the idea of taking down the wall between the dining space and kitchen, they want to keep up the wall that separates the living room. With three kids in the house, they explain, it’s more convenient to have a little separation between the rooms.

In the end, this more private living room is lovely. Since it’s closed off from the kitchen, it feels particularly intimate, like a living room retreat.

Two-tone cabinets and two-tone counters go great together

This kitchen is filled with color!


Mark and Colette want two-tone cabinets in their new kitchen, so the Property Brothers make sure to deliver. In fact, they give this family both two-tone cabinets and two-tone counters.

“Two-tone countertops are a great feature in a kitchen,” explains Drew. “For this to work, you’ll need a space that has two separate counter areas, such as an island and a perimeter top. I like to use the more modest selection for color on the perimeter, and then keep the showstopper for the island.”

So, the brothers install white countertops around the perimeter and choose a more colorful gray-blue countertop for the island.

Paired with the white and brown cabinets, this kitchen is now full of color and personality. Score!

The fireplace should be a centerpiece

This old fireplace needed an update.


Before the renovation, Colette tells the brothers that she’d really like to see the fireplace get a facelift. The outdated fireplace simply doesn’t give her the warm and cozy “Christmas morning” feeling that she’s looking for.

So the Scotts update the fireplace slightly, switching out the white brick face for a smoother surface.

The real change, though, is in the space surrounding it. The brothers add custom cabinets on either side of the fireplace, and install shiplap on the wall, for a farmhouse feel.

living room
Now, this fireplace makes the room feel fresh and new!


With stylish features on either side, this fireplace now feels like the main attraction of the living room.

Add a dining space that feels casual but comfortable

dining space
This dining space has lots of room and a casual feel.


The brothers know it can be difficult to create the perfect dining space in a home. Many old houses come with a formal dining room, which often feels too stuffy for modern families. Meanwhile, a casual kitchen table may not provide enough space for a big family.

So, the Scott brothers give this family a large table with banquette seating. As a bonus, the bench includes plenty of storage underneath.

Of course, Mark and Colette love the new dining space.

Mark is happy to see all the added cabinet space, while Colette is thrilled to see so much seating.

“We could seat … a full basketball team there,” she says.

A little work goes a long way for a master bedroom

This bedroom was boring and bland.


Colette and Mark have always put their kids first, but now it’s time for them to treat themselves to something special: a master suite retreat!

Drew and Jonathan help this couple upgrade their master bedroom by adding extra closet space, fixing a hole in the floor, and updating the decor.

Some paint and new decor make a huge difference to this room.


Before the renovation, Mark and Colette admit to the brothers that their room is just a place to sleep.

However, with some new white paint to give the space a cleaner, more open feel, plus new furniture to give the room a more polished look, this room is transformed into a truly relaxing retreat.

When Colette finally sees her new bedroom, she loves it, saying, “This is a very grown-up space.”

Do the Scotts deliver?

With a total budget of $160,000, Colette and Mark need their living room, dining room, and kitchen renovated, and they also need some help with their master bedroom.

It’s a lot of work, but Drew and Jonathan have some good news, when they tell the couple that they can do everything on their wish list for just $150,000.

In the end, the renovation comes in right on budget. Colette, Mark, and their three kids get a forever home for the perfect price.

“I’m in awe,” Colette says when she finally sees her finished home. “It is so much better than I ever could have imagined.”

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