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The Property Brothers Reveal Just How Cute Pet Furnishings Can Be

Posted by: | Posted on: May 22, 2020

Drew and Jonathan Scott work with a lot of families who have outgrown their homes, but in the latest episode of “Property Brothers: Forever Home,” they help a family that is preparing for future kids.

In this episode, “A Home Fit for Superheroes,” the brothers help Waylon and Adam fix up their forever home in Toronto, ON.

These two are hoping to have kids soon, but for now, they need a house that will feel more mature—especially since both love reading superhero comic books (which, frankly, tends to make their living space look like a tween den).

Read on to find out how the Scotts help this home grow up, and snag some ideas for your own space!

Wood-tone cabinets don’t need to look outdated

These wood cabinets are a mix of classic and modern.


The Scott brothers are surprised when they find out that Adam and Waylon love classic home styles.

They explain that in general, younger homeowners tend to favor a modern look. Still, the brothers are happy to give this home a classic vibe.

They know that one way to make the kitchen feel more traditional is to use wood-tone cabinets instead of modern white or gray cabinets.

Still, Drew and Jonathan don’t want to make this kitchen look too old-fashioned. So, they offset the wood cabinets with beautiful white counters, a white backsplash, and gray built-ins next to the dining area.

“It’s lighter and brighter,” Drew explains, “but you still have the wood tones you love.”

A large dining table is great for future kids

This kitchen table will be perfect for Adam and Waylon’s growing family!


Since Waylon and Adam plan to start a family soon, the brothers know they’ll need a convenient family dining space. Since Adam and Waylon don’t love their outdated table, the brothers decide to update the dining area with a long harvest dining table.

The wood tone gives the dining space the classic, earthy vibe that Adam and Waylon love, but with the clean lines and a modern light fixture above, this space looks uniquely modern.

“The dining table is really nice,” Adam says. “I love it!”

‘His and his’ closets add style to function

These closets are perfect for Adam and Waylon!


Adam and Waylon admit that in their last home, they lived in tight quarters. So, the brothers decide to help the couple create a large master suite that will feel like a retreat, not just a room to sleep.

Drew and Jonathan bust down a wall to turn a guest bedroom into a massive master bathroom and a beautiful his-and-his walk-through closet.

The two large closets on either side of the hall give the suite organization and a sense of order. With their elegant lines and sliding door, these closets help the master suite feel more expansive, turning much-needed storage into a design feature.

“There’s not a lot of floor plans where the walk-through actually works,” Jonathan says, “but for here, this is the ultimate solution.”

Add a floating vanity to update a bathroom

This floating vanity looks great in this modern bathroom!


While Waylon and Adam love classic looks, they want a more modern feel in the bathroom. The brothers opt for a glass door on the shower and modern light fixtures, but one of the best modern touches is the floating vanity.

That gives this bathroom a futuristic look, with room under the sink for storage.

Drew and Jonathan know this modern vanity will be a hit with Adam and Waylon, but they want to add a personal touch, to make sure they’ll truly love it. They finish off the vanity with light wood panels, giving the room flair and warmth.

Go for matte flooring instead of shiny

While the floating vanity has a modern, stylish appeal, the brothers also want to update the flooring. The gray tile they choose is matte, perfect for a relaxing oasis.

Adam and Waylon love the finished look, of course.

“I like that it’s not very shiny,” Adam says, admiring the tile.

“Shiny is passé,” Jonathan says. “This is a beautiful blend of tones.”

Pet furniture can be part of the aesthetic

cat toy
This cat toy once looked well-loved, but some fresh paint and new carpet make it look brand-new!


While Adam and Waylon are hoping to add kids to their family soon, they already have two adorable cats. So, while the brothers give the home a family feel—adding seating at the kitchen island, a large dining table, and even an extra bathroom—they know that they need to make the home cat-friendly too.

Cat toys can be an eyesore, but the brothers are determined to add some unusual features for the pets that will look great in the space.

They craft a custom cat home with wood tones that will match the kitchen, then repurpose an old cat tree by recovering the carpet platforms and painting the trunk white to match the bedroom. These two features make a great addition to the stylish interior.

Do the Scotts deliver?

Adam and Waylon have a hefty $185,000 budget for their living room and bedroom renovation, but the brothers surprise the couple when the renovation begins, saying they can get everything done for $170,000.

However, Drew and Jonathan end up running into a problem, when they find they have to spend an extra $1,000 on new stair treads. That brings the total for the renovation to $171,000.

While this is a little more than the original quote, it’s still way under Waylon and Adam’s maximum budget. Now the couple can kick back with their cats, knowing that there’s room for their family to grow.

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