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An Intimate Look Inside Khloe Kardashian’s Garage, Courtesy of ‘The Home Edit’

Posted by: | Posted on: September 15, 2020

Khloé Kardashian is famed for having a gorgeous—and organized—home. But there’s one area that falls shockingly short: her garage.

At least that’s what we learn on “Get Organized With The Home Edit,” a new reality series from Netflix in which Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin help celebs like Kardashian as well as regular people declutter every last corner of their space.

On the “Khloé Kardashian and a Bedroom Overhaul” episode, Teplin and Shearer head first to Calabasas to help Kardashian, a longtime client. Although her garage is massive, it still manages to look cramped and cluttered with too much stuff.

“It’s organized in, like, the worst way possible,” Kardashian says. “Like, it’s just a mishmash of stuff.”

Undeterred, Teplin and Shearer get to work, coming up with organization solutions that make Kardashian’s garage look as great as the rest of her house. Here’s how they pull it off, and the genius tips that might help you make your own garage space (or any room) look just as nice.

Organize by category

Everything has its place in Khloé Kardashian’s garage.


Organization is largely about grouping similar things together. To do this, Teplin and Shearer start by organizing Kardashian’s garage by category. From there, they build designated shelves for everything Kardashian needs.

Each shelf has its own category.


There are dedicated shelves for Kardashian’s merchandise, gifts, and more. When Kardashian needs something from the garage, she’ll know exactly which area to look for it.

And the best part is that all of these shelving units match, so the garage has a uniform look.

Embrace the idea of backstock

Kardashian’s garage has lots of stuff, from toys, to merchandise, to backstock.


When Kardashian first brings Shearer and Teplin into her garage, they notice that Kardashian has a collection of what they call backstock.

“‘Backstock’ refers to anything extra that you store in your home,” Teplin says. She explains that this could include anything from extra sets of sheets, cleaning supplies, or even gifts to have on hand for housewarming parties.

Shearer and Teplin are able to organize this backstock into labeled drawers that look clean and tidy. This backstock system organization works so well because the items have a designated place in the garage, and Kardashian can easily grab that extra pillowcase or roll of paper towels as needed.

Get creative with toy storage

Khloe Kardashian
Kardashian wants to know how to organize her daughter’s toys.


Kardashian is already a pretty organized person, but there are some things that she doesn’t know how to do on her own, like organize daughter True’s (many) toy cars. Though they’re lined up nicely, they are bulky and, Kardashian explains, “I just don’t know, like, how to make it look nicer.”

Of course, this can be a common problem. Kids toys don’t always fit in a bin, and while most kids don’t have the car collection True has, organizing toys can be a challenge.

This mini parking lot is functional and adorable!


So, how do Shearer and Teplin solve this toy problem? They decide that instead of trying to hide these cars, they find a fun way to display them.

They put the cars in rows and dress up the space like a parking lot, with traffic cones and pink lines on the ground. The mini parking lot looks adorable, and serves as a great way to keep True’s cars in their own space.

Use closet space smartly

Jessica wasn’t using her closet to its maximum potential.


With Kardashian’s garage looking perfect, Shearer and Teplin head next to Hancock Park in Los Angeles. There, they help professional party planner Jessica redo her bedroom—particularly the closet.

When Shearer and Teplin ask Jessica about her clothing system, Jessica explains that she likes to keep her clothes “seasonally correct.”

“I’m, like, the only person who switches out my wardrobe twice a year from the summer dresses to the winter dresses and whatever,” Jessica explains.

Of course, rotating items in and out of a wardrobe can be helpful for those with a large collection and a small space. However, Jessica’s closet isn’t that small. Shearer and Teplin explain that she just needs to use all the available space in the closet. If she does that, everything can fit.

The “Home Edit” team adds shoe storage and helps Jessica pare down the clothes that she doesn’t wear. By the time Shearer and Teplin are done, the closet is big enough for Jessica’s whole wardrobe, and then some.

Find a place for sentimental items

These white boxes are a perfect place to store sentimental items.


While redoing the bedroom, Shearer and Teplin are shocked to find so much stuff simply lying around. They find a parking ticket, Jessica’s birth certificate, and even Jessica’s used pregnancy test from 16 years ago!

These organizers realize that Jessica needs a better system for her important, and sentimental, items.

Teplin explains that while many people forget to make a designated place for sentimental items, it’s an important part of the organization process.

“Creating a system and having a designated spot to put all sentimental items just allows for that person to know where to go with these things,” Teplin says, “instead of just taking up a drawer all over the house.”

They organize Jessica’s sentimental things into white boxes and stack them away neatly in the closet. Now, everything looks neat and tidy—and Jessica knows where she can go to look for her most precious items.

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