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Monday, November 23rd, 2020

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Posted by: | Posted on: November 23, 2020

10 Shocking Facts About Jasmine Roth That’ll Rock Your World

Jasmine Roth is reality TV’s latest home renovation darling, and for good reason: While she got her start turning boring, cookie-cutter houses into custom masterpieces on HGTV’s “Hidden Potential,” she’s also pitched in on the “Brady Bunch” house, won “Rock the Block” in 2019, and helped numerous homeowners fix their failed home improvement projects on “Help! I Wrecked My House.”

Clearly, Roth is a rising star, and though she’s quite open about her life and her family, there’s still a lot more to this home design-construction-renovation whiz than meets the eye.

Curious about what you might have missed? Brush up on these surprising facts about this Jill-of-all-trades.

1. She started building things as a kid


As a child growing up in rural Virginia, Roth spent much of her free time with her dad, a DIY carpenter. Working together in the family garage, they built treehouses, playhouses,

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