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Monday, September 14th, 2020

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Posted by: | Posted on: September 14, 2020

In This New Normal Smaller Buildings May Be A Safety Investment

Whenever there is economic turbulence, investors flock to safety. 

In economic recoveries of the past, that meant large assets “as location issues often led to a high correlation of size and quality,” Jim Costello, senior vice president at Real Capital Analytics, writes in a new blog post

That may well be the case again when the office recovery starts. Still, Costello wonders if the perceived safety issues around density during COVID-19, combined with the dispersion of the workforce as telecommuting becomes commonplace, could make smaller buildings the new safe haven for investors.

“If views of quality shift to these smaller, more dispersed assets, jumping to high dollar levels of annual office sector sales activity will not happen as easily or quickly as before, with many more deals required to hit the average levels of activity seen in the past,” Costello writes.

Sales of larger buildings have been on the

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Posted by: | Posted on: September 14, 2020

A pandemic is a terrible time to buy real estate


More than 40% of Americans are working from home, and among them the urge to “work nest” is strong. My sister-in-law turned the family shed into a “shoffice,” with charming homemade curtains hiding the tools and a pillow for the pandemic puppy. Surging home prices suggest that many who are working from home and find themselves shedless are in the market for a bigger house.

I hope to put a big yellow “Slow” sign on home-buying in a pandemic. The housing market may be soaring because of bad information and short-term thinking. You don’t know whether bosses will make work-from-home permanent or who will be targeted for downsizing. You may come to rue buying at a time when inventory is so low and prices so high.

Regret is already in the air. LendEDU, a financial information website, surveyed 1,000

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