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Wednesday, May 13th, 2020

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Posted by: | Posted on: May 13, 2020

What Home Buyers, Sellers Can Expect in 2020: an Update

There are so many ways in which 2020 is not turning out the way most Americans expected. In terms of real estate, we were hurtling toward a busy spring season. All the economic indicators looked strong, boosting buyers to battle it out for a limited supply of homes. But then the coronavirus pandemic swept across the nation, upending those expectations and forcing us to reassess the year ahead.

Home sales have fallen and real estate listings dissipated as the COVID-19 pandemic made many buyers and sellers think twice about buying, selling, and potentially even moving with a deadly and highly contagious virus on the loose. But home sales will rebound in the late summer and fall, driven by millennials eager to own a home of their own, according to a revised forecast for 2020 by realtor.com®’s economists.

Markets in smaller, more affordable cities and surrounding suburbs could be particularly brisk

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Posted by: | Posted on: May 13, 2020

Report Touts Value of Private Real Estate in Bear Market

Private real estate investment could be the key to economic survival in the post COVID-19 pandemic world, according to research cited by a report from Black Creek Group.

“After an 11-year bull-market run, the global coronavirus pandemic has created extreme economic uncertainty,” the Black Creek Group said. “With so much volatility in the marketplace, investors are looking for ways to better diversify their portfolios. Private real estate has historically delivered low volatility and strong diversification benefits.”

The group cited research to show “private real estate is potentially durable enough to ride out market downturns.”

The report showed private real estate comparing favorably with equities, bonds and public real estate investment trusts. Also, the report cited a 20-year study showing private real estate as less volatile than equities or REITs.

“Given private real estate’s typically lower volatility and low correlation to equities and bonds and higher risk-adjusted returns, we believe it

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Posted by: | Posted on: May 13, 2020

How To Grow Your Own Herbs—Even If You Don’t Have a Green Thumb

Victory gardens are all the rage right now, but is there a tasty alternative for those of us with black thumbs? I’m talking about the people who kill every plant that ever comes into their lives. Those of us who apologize to plants at the point of purchase, because they’ve just received a death sentence. And the rare breed who can kill the bamboo plant, which just sits in water.

What can people with nongreen thumbs grow?

Perhaps veggies aren’t on the menu, but there is a tasty alternative: herbs.

“Herbs are a great, easy way to get people growing some of their own edibles in their backyard,” says Wendy Wilber, statewide coordinator for the master gardener volunteer program at the University of Florida. “I usually grow spearmint and peppermint

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