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Saturday, April 11th, 2020

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Posted by: | Posted on: April 11, 2020

Just-renovated Pac Heights mansion with indoor swimming pool fetches $11 million

When Compass agent Neal Ward put this $12.9-million Pac Heights listing on the market in early March, he didn’t know the city’s shelter-in-place order would be coming down about a week later.

All he knew was that the frantic spring sales season was heating up and he wanted to be ready. “Our team’s

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Posted by: | Posted on: April 11, 2020

The Essential Pandemic Pantry: Cooking, Shopping, and Eating in the Time of COVID-19

For home chefs and those not as adept in the culinary arts, making great meals while you’re sheltering in place begins and ends with a well-stocked pantry.


Does your social distancing diet consist of an extraordinary amount of Pringles and Oreos? We get it—those snack items are convenient and cheap. However, there’s a better way to eat while stuck at home.

As Americans adjust to the concepts of social distancing, isolation, and quarantine, we also have to reconceptualize the way we eat.

Since sheltering in place has become the norm, social media has lit up with images of perfectly shaped cinnamon rolls and a startling number of sourdough starter tips. These aspirational and beautiful photos can

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